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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring my own mat?

Yes, having your very own mat is a very important part of your practice. It can make a huge difference to have a good mat while learning the postures. We highly recommend and sell only Manduka™ mats. If you forget your mat, or would like to try a Manduka before you buy one, you can rent a premium mat for $5 to find out which Manduka™ is a good fit for you. (quantities limited).

Do I need to sign up for class ahead of time?

Although we prefer that you sign up beforehand, it isn’t necessary for you to participate in class. Keep in mind, however, in the rare instance that we are over capacity in the studio, anyone who did not make an advance reservation could be asked to leave.

Registering for classes is easy using the MindBody Connect web site. Or download the MindBody App and connect from your smart phone!

What if I'm late to class?

We do not allow late entry. Please plan to arrive about 15 minutes before class starts. This will allow you to gather any props, get situated on your mat and prepare yourself for class.

Late entry is not allowed in order to respect participants’ time and to begin the class in a focused and peaceful manner. There are no exceptions. If you arrive at the studio and the door is locked, please do not knock—the teacher is busy teaching and cannot come to the door. 

Where do I park?

There is free public parking up and down 15th Street in front of our studio. Also, you may park for free in any of the lots around the Historic Downtown Plano area, including the DART parking lot at Haggard Park. Yoga Tree is just a short walk from any of the available lots.

Is it going to be HOT?

Although the studio is heated, it is not technically “hot yoga”. Heat helps protects participants and increases the health benefits of the yoga practice. Here are the temperatures to expect:

  • Vinyasa: 90 degrees
  • Flow and Rest/Restorative: 85 degrees
  • Beginners Yoga: 80 degrees

As you continue with your practice, the heat will no longer bother you, and you will even start to look forward to the sweat. Why? Sweating helps release toxins from the body, keeps muscles pliable as you stretch and increases body awareness for better meditation. Come try it! Our students love it.

May I bring my child?

The youngest age we allow to take classes is 12 when accompanied by a parent. If you are 15 and older you may join our classes unaccompanied by a parent. As always, please contact the studio if you have questions at 972-398-9642 (yoga).

What do I wear?


  • Wear fitted crop or full length leggings. You want pants that you can move in and not worry about when moving from pose to pose.
  • Sports bras and long fitted tanks work because they give you good coverage and stay in place when moving in class. Layering a sports bra, long fitted tank and a t-shirt works too if you like coverage on your arms.


  • Yoga pants or sweat pants are a good choice. Shorts work as well, but please wear fitted bike shorts underneath.
  • Fitted T-shirts or tank tops work because they stay in place during class.

We want you to enjoy your yoga class and concentrate on your breath and poses. In order to help clear your mind during class, it helps if you are not worried about your pants or tops moving while you are bending over and moving pose to pose.

Do I need to bring my own towel?

We do provide clean towels for practice and if you are planning on taking a shower afterwards. We use a fragrance free, enzyme based laundry soap. You are welcome to bring your own towels. Please be aware that quite a few people that do yoga are fragrance and allergy sensitive. While you may really like the highly fragranced laundry products it may cause some serious breathing issues for your fellow yogis.

Do I need to bring water?

Feel free to bring your own water. If you forget, we have water bottles for sale. We prefer that you leave your water bottle outside the studio for after class instead of drinking during class.

What class is for beginners?

Our Vinyasa classes are taught for all levels and run for 60 minutes. Our Vinyasa II classes are taught for someone with a stronger practice by having a longer flow, and the class runs for 75 minutes. Even if you are new to yoga, please feel free to come to any class that works into your busy life. Modifications are always an option if you become tired or confused. Ask the teacher after class to show you a few modifications. Also Childs pose is always available anytime during your practice.

We also offer a Yoga 101 Workshop. It is an 8-week class that you can find under our Workshops tab. It may be a more comfortable place for you to start your practice. Check the web site for sign up and cost.

What if I'm not very flexible?

If you are flexible or not flexible, please come to class!! Practicing yoga is about clearing your mind of the daily chatter that clutters your head. Breathing is the most important part of class. No judgment how you move on your mat. We want you to engage the pose that fits your body at that moment. Instructors will show you a pose, help you through it and give you modifications. Your practice is on YOUR mat. Yoga is not a competition between mats. Each day is new and different for all of us.

It is important you understand that at Yoga Tree Plano we encourage you to be kind to yourself. It is recommended you practice yoga at least three times a week to get maximum benefits from your practice. An hour in yoga class will leave you rested and rejuvenated to take on what you have planned.

Do I wear shoes during yoga class?

No, we ask you to remove your shoes and socks and leave them inside the door in the studio boutique area. Practicing barefoot enhances your balance and prevents slipping during practice.  It also helps keep our practice area clean.

May I use a Groupon or other social media deals?

We do run social media promotions from time to time. These are for new clients only. If you have paid for a class at Yoga Tree anytime in the past, you are not eligible for a social media deal. Only one social media deal per client is allowed.

Is Yoga ok if I am pregnant?

That depends. Prenatal Yoga is great for pregnant women. Regular yoga is usually not.

The good news: There are specifically designed prenatal yoga classes lead by highly trained teachers. They are called Prenatal Registered Yoga Teachers (PRYT). An expecting woman should be sure to ask her instructor if she holds this special designation. We currently don't have a PRYT on staff. But we know where you can find one. We recommend any teacher on www.mamaste.com. Close to our location, we personally recommend Varsha at Plano Presby and Mimi at Moves Studio in Richardson.

Here is why: The ACOG, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology released exercise guidelines that state any exercise that increases intra-abdominal pressure is contraindicated during pregnancy. In the same release, exercise in a heated room and laying on your back are also not recommended. That means, forward bending, back bending, twisting, laying on your stomach and back are out. Most regular yoga classes are full of those.

Pregnant women will benefit from the expertise of a PRYT and get to know other expecting moms. We would love to welcome you to our heated vinyasa classes when it is right for you and your baby. Usually, after you deliver, a physician will give you a release to exercise. We look forward to seeing you then. If you want to visit about it, call Toni at 972.398.9642. She has the skinny and would love to help you find a great PRYT.


Yoga 101 Beginner

Yoga 101 Beginner Series

with Toni Farris. ERYT500

Yoga 101 is an experiential and curricular look at the practice of yoga. It is the perfect entry point for those who have heard about the benefits of yoga and want to learn more.

We have two sessions to choose from: Saturdays from 8:30 to 9:30AM or Mondays from 5:30 to 6:30PM. Attend both sessions for maximum benefits!

Sign up online

Yoga Tree YouTube Channel

Check out more training videos at the Yoga Tree YouTube channel

Toni instructs how and why we use a yoga three part breath during class.

cleanseStop Reacting, Learn to Live with Intention on October 22, 2017, 3-6pm
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Learn about Yoga Tree Intentional Living

energyTake a Yin Class with Star

Yin is the opposite of heated Vinyasa practice.  It is a cool, firm, slow and introspTry ve style of practice.

Teacher Training

We are always looking to share your talents with our students.

Do you have a passion for yoga and want to share it with others? We have a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher Training for you! Teaching is about learning and growing, not perfection. Join Toni to understand more about how to teach people yoga and not just memorize postures. Our next class starts April 2017, contact Toni to learn more about your future journey.

What will you learn?

Check out the latest video where Toni instructs how and why you open your yoga class with a greeting and theme.teacher training grad for home small crop

For more information click here.

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3&5 Stabilizing (200RYT ) 9am-2pm
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  21 Teaching Restorative  II (500RYT) 11:30am-2:30pm
  21 Yoga Philosophy I (500RYT) 3pm-6pm
  22 Teaching Beginners II (500RYT)
  22 Intentional Wellness
24&26 Hip Openers (200RYT) 9am-2pm
  31 Energy Body (200RYT) 9am-2pm
  2 Yoga Sutra (200RYT)
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  11 Teaching Beginners III (500RYT) 11:30am-2:30pm
  11 Yoga Philosophy III (500RYT) 3pm-6pm
  12 Teaching Restorative III (500RYT) 11:30am-2:30pm
Mandala Art 3pm-6pm
15&16 Backbends  (200RYT ) 9am-2pm

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Practice


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  5&7 Class Design Balance (200RYT) 9am-2pm
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